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Welcome to Vermont Finger Labyrinths

Welcome to Vermont Finger Labyrinths, home of handcrafted wooden finger labyrinths. The labyrinth style used is the classical, seven path labyrinth. Different woods are used, such as birch, maple, and oak. The finish is boiled linseed oil unless another finish is requested. All sanding and finishing is done by hand.

Our wooden labyrinths are used by different people for a variety of purposes.

"I find the Double Finger Labyrinths to be one of the best holistic Energy tools available today, especially since they work on multiple levels."  - Joe Ann Van Gelder, Founder, Vermont Vibrations

"I have really enjoyed having finger labyrinths in my integrative healing clinic.  My patients come in for treatments and are often overwhelmed with their stressful lifestyles.  When I ask them to try the labyrinths in the waiting area just to settle down before coming in for their treatments, all of my patients have really responded well. They seem to really tap into an inner peace that is lost during their hectic pace of life.  I recommend using these for many different treatment protocols bsides stress management. Thank you for making these!" - Heidi Kao, Acupuncturist, CA

"I have had my finger labyrinths for approximately 6 months...at least once a week I find myself anxious and tense due to the many stresses that accompany my work as a criminal defense attorney. Where I used to find the need to walk around the block to clear my head, I now choose to sit at my desk, close my eyes, and trace the finger labyrinths until my anxiety subsides and I am again able to face the many challenges that inhere to my practice. I highly recommend the finger labyrinths for those who seek some calm amidst the chaos and those who are open to finding the space in their minds and their hearts to greet the world anew." - Ananda Norris Iglesias